Flora’s is located on the Cabot Trail in Point Cross, the gateway to the Acadian village of Cheticamp. Distinctive signage announces your arrival to the enlarged paved parkade as you leave Grand Etang on your northerly drive towards Cheticamp. If you’re coming from Cheticamp you travel south and we are located approximately 10 minutes from the village.
From Sydney we are a 173 km. drive which will take about 2 hours at a leisurely pace. If your travels begin in Halifax and the International Airport, then your trip is extended to 425 kms. and a 5 hour drive. If you are traveling the Ceilidh Trail, along route 19 and the Cabot Trail to Cheticamp, your destination to Flora’s is 140 km. or approximately 1 1/2 hours. From Baddeck your trip is approx. 88 kms.

Indeed, your drive to Point Cross takes you through a vacationer’s paradise with expansive surf and vaulting mountains. The resounding beauty of The Cabot Trail is a treat any time of the year and especially when you know a visit to Flora’s is at the end of it.
Therefore, Flora’s is easily accessible by land,sea and air. So, drop in on your travels and enjoy our Acadian hospitality, crafts and distinctive array of gift items for that special person. We’ll be glad to see you.